Greetings from Thane Dispersions

We are a UK manufacturer with over forty years experience of supplying pigment dispersions and additive paste dispersions to the polymer, rubber and surface coating industries.

We have been operating our current manufacturing facility in Stoke-on-Trent since the 1980s and we have continued to concentrate on servicing our clients in plastics, rubber, paint, wallpaper and printing ink companies.

As well as the service we provide our clients in matching and supplying bespoke colours and additives, we can provide any requirements our clients may have in the recognised international colour standards which in the main are RAL. BS 5252 (including BS 4800), BS 2660, BS 381C, NCS and Pantone. Our additive dispersions include different types of chemical blowing agents (both exothermic and endothermic), flame retardants, smoke suppressants, chemical stabilisers and many others.

What we do

Thane Dispersions began trading in 1975 to manufacture and supply paste pigment dispersion, principally to the rubber and PVC industry. The original liquid media in which to disperse pigments were mineral oil (for rubber) and plasticisers of various kinds for PVC.
Over the years, the Company has developed an increasingly important market for plasticiser paste dispersions in PVC and has also developed an increasingly growing market in thermo-set polyester resins both for cold cure lay-up resins and for hot cured BMC, SMC and pultrusion applications using pigments dispersed in styrene free polyester resins.
We use both triple roll mills and bead mills to effect pigment and additive dispersions which also lend themselves to epoxy resin pigments dispersions in both AF and reactive diluents containing epoxy resins for both casting and thin film applications.


Products By Industry

We offer a range of products to many different industries
PVC Coatings

Coated Fabric
Dip Moulding
Coloured Plastisol Coating

PVC and Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Base Materials
Safety Flooring

Polyester and Epoxy Resin

Utility Enclosures
Epoxy Flooring
Roof Cladding
GRP Roofing


Rubber Crumb & Mulch
Safety Mats
Automotive Mats

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